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The best advice I have ever received was from Michael Jackson in the form of his song Why You Wanna Trip On Me. Michael sings “They say I’m different / They don’t understand / But there’s a bigger problem / That’s much more in demand / You got world hunger / Not enough to eat / So there’s really no time / To be trippin’ on me”… “Stop trippin’.” Basically, Michael is trying to say that you shouldn’t waste your time “trippin,’”or trying to put him or anyone else down when there is so much more to do and focus on in order to make the world a better place.

This is so important to me because people seem to see me as a different species altogether sometimes. I am a lover of different cultures, a vegetarian, and someone who stays true to what she believes in. There is no doubt that others will be alarmed by our differences and make a point of it but, as Jackson has stated, there is no need for it. There is a lot that needs to be done in our society and judging what someone wears, listens to, eats or does not eat will not help. We can donate our time and even food, shelter, and the basic services to those without them. As a whole, we should be putting more effort into making people feel better about themselves. When we do make an effort, we will realize that we’re not all that different.

Since first hearing the song, I have realized that I have to “stop trippin’.” I won’t be able to get as far as I know that I can if I keep taking action to make myself seem less out of the ordinary and more like everyone else. Being yourself is refreshing, not only to you but to others. If everyone was the same then, of course, nothing would be different. Things would be mind-numbingly boring. You should always try to bring your own touches, creativity, and personality to everything that you do and be respectful of others when they try to do the same. If we wasted less time focusing on how others will judge something, we can spend more time getting to know ourselves and each other.

With that being said, others have tried to shun me or make me feel badly because I was not who they expected or what they wanted me to be, but I have not let them. I know that I am as valuable and worthy as them and anyone else. I have been blessed with the opportunities that I have received and in turn will do as much as I can to make them count. I now know that not only do I want success for myself but I want to be a helping hand in everything I do and to be an assist to my fellow-man. I’ve learned that with the help of my peers, our society, and, ultimately, our world, we can all be a part of making a great change.

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