My Views on Technology

  1. My view of technology is…  positive. I want to help make advances in it one day. I think that nothing would be the same without it. If we did not have technology, we wouldn’t have clothes, developed houses, different types of food, etc. We can do great things with technology.
  2. When I hear the word technology I imagine… the future. I imagine the Jetson’s and Roombas. When I think of technology, I imagine Apple taking over the world and techno music. I think of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. I hear fax machines and printers.
  3. The best or worst thing about technology is… that you can use it for everything. Basically, anything you can think of was a new technology at some point. It has been developed and discovered. You can always find a way to improve technology and think forward.
  4. What I learned last year about technology was… that technology is everywhere and that people would live difficult lives without it. We can fix, change, and improve everything in our lives, including technology. I also learned that in order to fix anything we have to try. You don’t necessarily have to know everything about it but if you make the effort to learn, you can always achieve.
  5. My goals for this course are… to gain more knowledge on technology and computers and be even more “tech savvy”. I want to do my best and prove that I can succeed and do my best work. Another goal is to move forward in the IT field and be able to compete when looking to get into a good college and/or find a career.


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